Sarah (scarah2) wrote in life_wo_fanlib,

Lol fic

Fandom: FanLib
Characters: Pink Guy, Blue Dude, Pinata
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Pinata sex
Summary: Blue Dude teaches Pink Guy a well deserved lesson, by bringing in his friend Pinata.

"Wh-what?" was all Pink Guy got out before the duct tape stretched over his mouth.

"Nothing to worry about, my young friend, I'm only going to show you a thing or two. By letting you watch like the bitch that you are."

"Mmmf." Pink Guy may have been taped to the chair, but his TNG Underoos were already tenting.

Blue Dude, checking carefully that Pink Guy was watching his every move, opened the door and Pinata walked in. He didn't exactly walk, he ambulated himself in a mesmerizing series of rocking motions.

Pinata didn't have the momentum to hurl himself up to the bed, so Blue Dude placed him there like a gentle lover. With a look over his shoulder at Pink Guy, Blue Dude rolled Pinata onto his back, spreading Pinata's legs. Some Necco Wafers fell out, arousing them all beyond belief.

Blue Dude didn't want Pinata to crack open. He wanted Pinata to be ready for him. He inserted a finger into the waiting crack and pulled out some Red Hots.

Pinata was ready and begging. "Split me open," he repeated. But Blue Dude had no intention of complying, not so soon.

Pinata squirmed (or swung, maybe) at the touch of Blue Dude's tongue on his tight hole. It felt like Blue Dude was digging around for Hershey's Kisses in there!

Taking a break, Blue Dude unwrapped a Hershey's Kiss, and ate it lasciviously, for the benefit of Pink Guy. Pink Guy was silent.

Finally, Blue Dude plunged into Pinata. There was nothing like the feeling of hundreds of wrappers against his cock. He ravaged Pinata again and again until finally they both climaxed, Pinata making a jet of Smarties onto Blue Dude's belly.

When they'd all recovered, Blue Dude got up, walked over and ripped the duct tape off Pink Guy's mouth.

"This is going to make a great fanfic," said Pink Guy.

ETA: Now illustrated, thanks to longleggedgit! NSFW fan art.
Tags: fan creations: art, fan creations: fanfiction, pink dude/blue guy
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