Stewardess (stewardess) wrote in life_wo_fanlib,

A Life Without FanLib Retrospective.

...because I am already feeling nostalgic.

FanLib was dismal and depressing, but did we let it get us down? Heck, no. Most of the time, I was laughing so hard I lost beverages. Some of my favorite memories:

1. The Mimbo Brothers (aka Chris and David Williams, FanLib founders) get their asses kicked by a moderator at lotrfanfiction, and learn nothing from it.

2. icarusancalion reveals FanLib's hilariously inept attempt to recruit her as a fanfic author.

3. telesilla takes apart the FanLib FAQ, prompting FanLib CEO Mimbo (Chris Williams) to make a spectacular fool of himself in her journal. The Mimbo brothers look even more idiotic when they revise the TOS and FAQ (repeatedly) in the dead of night.

4. lizbee writes the first Pink Guy/Blue Dude fanfiction, based on FanLib's bizarre marketing, and wins the Internet.

5. cheshyre discovers FanLib's corporate marketing brochures, which reassure intellectual property owners that their fanfic authors will color within the lines. The Mimbo brothers continue to show mind-boggling ignorance of the Intarweb by yanking the material, but not before a few hundred fangirls download it.

6. thingswithwings loves fandom's response to FanLib, and tells us why. This makes me smile every time I read it.

7. miera_c shares her correspondence with FanLib when they attempted to recruit her in March, 2007. She tells FanLib: "I'm puzzled as to why exactly you think this will make money."

8. Reporter Mary McNamara spanks FanLib hard in a well-researched article at a professional telecommunications website.

9. Teresa Nielsen Hayden of Making Light wholly explodes FanLib in an entry titled FanLib Wholly Exploded.

10. Life Without FanLib members mock the candy crap out of FanLib's new ad campaign featuring a pinata. In a moment of inspired lunacy, scarah2 writes Pink Dude/Blue Guy/Pinata slash, changing my view of Necco Wafers forever.

11. Four months before FanLib goes under, FanLib apologist partly_bouncy informs us: "The past year has demonstrated that FanLib has built a platform for success, that they will continue on in the future with a dedicated user base and will continue to find companies that are interested in working with FanLib to promote their products." *face palm*

Got a story? Please share. Because Life Without FanLib is where the stories continue.
Tags: fan creations: fanfiction, fanlib vs fandom, fanlib: dotbombing, fanlib: history
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